24-Hour Reporting

It's no surprise to anyone that the real estate market moves fast these days. To be competitive buyers and sellers need information fast. That's why Steadfast Home Inspection guarantees 24 hour reporting from the completion of the inspection.

Home inspection reports in Coeur d'Alene, delivered in 24 hours or less — guaranteed.

Modern Inspection Reports

We use Spectora to provide both you and your client with the best experience possible. Get the information you need at a glance, or dig deep into the specifics with easy access to photos, videos, and automation tools to help you get more done. And all of this can be done straight from your phone!

  • Interactive, mobile-friendly HTML report
  • Easy to digest, easy to read & easy to understand
  • Information at a glance with summaries and filters
  • Easily view deficiencies and major concerns
  • High-definition photos and videos

Easily Create Repair Request Documents

We provide a free "Repair Request Builder," which allows you to completely fill and customize the document in practically no time at all.

  • Clear and concise report with photos and videos, generated automatically
  • Easily control the order of requests
  • Select deficiencies with a single click
  • Request repair or replacement with a single click
  • Send the document directly from within the report, via email or text

Help Your Clients To Sell Their Home

As you prepare your client for the successful sale of their home, we have found that having a heads-up on some of the most common items we write up on our home inspections is helpful. Here's a checklist of some of the more common items to help you prepare for a more successful home inspection.

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